Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Paul Gregory House

If you are interested in the case of Paul House of Tennessee, the Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing has an excellent website with information and press about Paul's case. For those of you unfamiliar with his story, Paul House is an inmate in Tennessee who was convicted of raping and killing his neighbor. Paul has denied committing these crimes. Recently, DNA analysis of the semen on the victim's clothes showed that the semen belonged to the victim's husband. Several witnesses have also testified that the victim's husband confessed to the killing. This provides STRONG evidence that Paul House did not commit this crime. I believe Paul will be exonerated and released. For now, his case is on hold. In October, the United States Court of Appeals denied to vacate his sentence (even though 6 of the 15 judges hearing the case wrote that they believe House is innocent). The United States Supreme Court is Paul's next option.

Paul House has spent almost 20 years on Tennessee's death row for a crime it appears he did not commit. He should certainly not be executed for it. Paul is also running out of time. Suffering from a serious case of Multiple Sclerosis, he may not live to see himself taken off of death row. If that happens, an innocent man will have died on death row having spent almost half his life there for a crime for which he was not responsible. That tragedy would almost equal the tragedy of Paul being murdered by his own government for absolutely no reason.

Paul Gregory House: Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing

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kwaller said...

I just ran across this post. I am please to see others that share my ideas about the death penalty. I will be attending a meeting tonight in Nashville, Tn to discuss advocation to get Paul released. I am currently reading a book called Are Prisons Obsolete? Check it out. Love the Hugo quote by the way.

peace love and empathy