Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kenneth Foster Jr.

Absolutely OUTSTANDING news out of Texas!!! (How often do you hear me say that?). Governor Perry commuted Kenneth Foster's sentence to life in prison today, just hours before Texas was scheduled to execute him. If you pay attention to death penalty activism and news, you've heard of Kenneth Foster. Kenneth Foster did not personally murder anyone, yet, under a controversial Texas law he was given the death penalty. Foster admits he was involved in the crimes surrounding the murder (he was the getaway driver during some robberies that night), but it is fairly clear he did not personally kill Michael LaHood, nor was he involved in planning LaHood's murder.

Read about it here in the LA Times.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Troy Davis, Darrell Grayson etc.

I have been meaning to update lately, in particular to update on the case of Troy Davis and to write one of my informal "obits" for Darrell Grayson (which, trust me, will be a not-as-typical entry). I will get to the posting for Darrell shortly.

In the meantime...

Troy Davis has been granted a hearing by the Georgia Supreme Court. For more information on Troy's case and the hearing please see Karl's blog entries at Capital Defense Weekly and the NCADP blog. Amnesty International also has a posting.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Kenneth Foster, Jr.

Texas is scheduled to execute Kenneth Foster on August 30th for the murder of Michael LaHood.

For more information, please see the NCADP blog for a re-post of a blog by Sean-Paul Kelley (originally posted at Huffington Post). Mr. Kelley was a close friend of Michael LaHood's; he is now speaking out against Kenneth Foster's execution. According to Kelley, Foster was driving the car in which LaHood's shooter was riding around the night of LaHood's murder, but Foster did not shoot LaHood or actively participate in LaHood's slaying.

I really enjoyed reading Mr. Kelley's comments on why he does not agree with the death penalty (in this and other situations). I think this quote rang the closest with me:

"Whenever people ask me about the death penalty I always reply: when you make it to the Pearly Gates, and Saint Peter asks, 'justice or mercy?' Which will you choose? Usually they sputter or blurt something out like, 'The death penalty doesn't have anything to do with that.' I reply, 'The death penalty has everything to do with that. You just can't see it.'"