Friday, August 03, 2007

Kenneth Foster, Jr.

Texas is scheduled to execute Kenneth Foster on August 30th for the murder of Michael LaHood.

For more information, please see the NCADP blog for a re-post of a blog by Sean-Paul Kelley (originally posted at Huffington Post). Mr. Kelley was a close friend of Michael LaHood's; he is now speaking out against Kenneth Foster's execution. According to Kelley, Foster was driving the car in which LaHood's shooter was riding around the night of LaHood's murder, but Foster did not shoot LaHood or actively participate in LaHood's slaying.

I really enjoyed reading Mr. Kelley's comments on why he does not agree with the death penalty (in this and other situations). I think this quote rang the closest with me:

"Whenever people ask me about the death penalty I always reply: when you make it to the Pearly Gates, and Saint Peter asks, 'justice or mercy?' Which will you choose? Usually they sputter or blurt something out like, 'The death penalty doesn't have anything to do with that.' I reply, 'The death penalty has everything to do with that. You just can't see it.'"

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