Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Donald Aldrich - Texas

The State of Texas executed Donald Aldrich tonight for his part in the gay bashing death of an east Texas man in 1994. Aldrich maintained throughout his confinement that he was not responsible for Nicholas West's death. He had admitted to playing a part in the events that led to West's murder but denied being involved in the shooting. There were also serious questions about evidence presented at Aldrich's trial that he was a danger to society. The psychologists who gave that testimony had never met or examined Aldrich. In fact, other reports on Aldrich's upcoming execution indicated that throughout his confinement he has shown no signs of violence. The importance of this question comes from the fact that to condemn a person to death in Texas, a jury must find that he or she would continue to be a violent threat if allowed to live.

Aldrich was pronounced dead at 6:18 pm CDT. He was 39 years old. Though West's family and friends did not attend the execution, Aldrich apologized to them and expressed hope of their forgiveness. I pray that God will be with both families tonight and they deal with the deaths of their sons.

Inmate executed today for slaying of gay man

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