Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Adremy Dennis - Ohio

This is one of those where I can only shake my head. Adremy Dennis' crime was a brutal one, and he never showed remorse for it (blaming it instead on the victim). It is one of those times where I am reminded of the sheer violence that happens in our society all around us that we never hear about. Dennis was 19 years old and drunk and high when he shot the victim, Kurt Kyle. How is it that he had a sawed off shot gun in the first place?

Nevertheless, I do not think the State of Ohio had a right to take his life. Who are we to decide? Dennis had no right to decide the end of Kyle's life, and the State has no right to decide the end of Dennis's. That is for a higher authority (even if that higher authority is nature itself).

The State of Ohio executed Adremy Dennis at 10:00am this morning. He was pronounced dead at 10:10. At the time of his death, Dennis was 28 years old. He was the youngest man ever to be executed by the State of Ohio.

State executes youngest inmate ever

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