Wednesday, July 18, 2007


According to

1. affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; lonesome.
2. destitute of sympathetic or friendly companionship, intercourse, support, etc.: a lonely exile.
3. lone; solitary; without company; companionless.
4. remote from places of human habitation; desolate; unfrequented; bleak: a lonely road.
5. standing apart; isolated: a lonely tower.

1. (esp. prior to the Civil War) a person who advocated or supported the abolition of slavery in the U.S.
2. a person who favors the abolition of any law or practice deemed harmful to society....

Many have asked my why the name of this blog is "The Lonely Abolitionist." They write to let me know that they are with me and that I am not alone - that I am not a "lonely" abolitionist. This is SO true! I am not alone in my quest for abolition of the death penalty. I am not alone in my strong feelings about its effect on our society or our criminal justice system. Sometimes, when the executions are many and the news is bleak, it may feel like we are alone in this fight, but we are not!

When I first chose it, the title "The Lonely Abolitionist" was meant to be profound. I wanted something profound, something meaningful that would spark a reader's interest. It couldn't be that I would name my blog something horribly descriptive and boring - not me! When I started this blog, I was the only person out there I could find that was blogging exclusively on news and issues relating to abolishing the death penalty. So, as to the blogosphere, I was in fact the "lonely" abolitionist. Shortly thereafter, however, more blogs came along (props to David E. and the NCADP!).

I am not a "lonely" person, and I am not "lonely" in my abolition opinions or actions. I am no longer "lonely" in the blogosphere. Yet, I keep the name. The name reminds me of the time when I was "lone." It reminds me to stand up and "stand apart." It reminds me that one single person can play a part in resolving a big problem. This blog does not have many readers. It doesn't need many (or even any)! The Lonely Abolitionist makes a difference to me every time I post, and it makes a difference every once in awhile to a reader who finds something new that he or she would not have found had I not wandered by and mused on it.

At some point, I may blog on more than the death penalty. Unfortunately, there are many other laws and practices in our world that I favor abolishing. I imagine, however, that if I took the time to blog about every newsworthy item related to every notable abolition topic within my interest, that I would never finish any of my for-pay work!

In the meantime, this little blog will try to keep chugging along. I will try to keep doing my part. I hope that you will keep doing your part and make sure that I am never again truly "lonely." Thanks for stopping by.


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