Friday, May 13, 2005

Michael Ross - Connecticut

The Ross circus is over. In the dead of night, the State of Connecticut executed Michael Ross by lethal injection. The execution was the first in New England in over forty-five years.

Michael Ross had admitted to killing eight women in both Connecticut and New York. Ross had served 21 years on death row and had waived all of his appeals. Several of his family members had filed numerous appeals on Ross' behalf (against his wishes), and the last of those appeals was denied by the United States Supreme Court late last night. Ross's relatives argued that Ross suffered from "death row syndrome" and that his mental state had degraded to the point where he felt it would be better to die.

Michael Ross got his wish. The State of Connecticut performed his suicide for him. Michael Ross waived his appeals for himself and not for his victims, but I hope that his death can now bring some sense of peace to the families of his victims. At least now, the media circus should end and the extended legal fight is over.

I admit, its hard for me to have sympathy for Michael Ross. His crimes were indeed some of the worst of the worst. That doesn't change the fact that I do not think he should have been killed. It also doesn't change the fact that I think the death penalty is flawed public policy.

For more information on Michael Ross and the fight to save his life, see the NCADP blog where David has posted a couple of commentaries, including a dissent from the CT Supreme Court.

Connecticut serial killer put to death

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Anonymous said...

This is terrible. I wish there was something we could do to stop all this murder.