Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Well, I'm not sure whether to say "mea culpa" now, or wait for the legal process to play out. Apparently, a judge in California has found that former Alameda County deputy district attorney Jack Quatman lied when he testified that an Alameda County Superior Court judge instructed him to keep Jews off a capital jury. The court also found that Quatman was generally dishonest and unethical and that he had a motive to embarrass the Alameda County DA's office.

My post below on the question kind of tears into the justice system regarding this question. Some of my statements still apply even if Quatman lied about the Alameda County practice. However, if Quatman really did lie about Golde and the County's alleged practice of excluding Jews and black women from capital case juries, then I owe a huge mea culpa to my readers and to Alameda County.

Stay tuned...I'll update when I know more. I'm sure there will be more court hearings.

Ex-prosecutor lied about barring Jews from jury

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