Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Donald Beardslee

California has set the date of execution for Donald Beardslee for January 19th. If it goes forward, it will be the first execution in California in over two years. There is a decent chance at a stay, depending on the results of two court cases, one before the Ninth Circuit and one before a US District Court. The case before the Ninth Circuit asks the court for a new trial because the state Supreme Court dismissed three of four death penalty special circumstances in Beardslee's case in 1991. The case in US District Court claims that lethal injection is inhumane. The most likely scenario for a stay for Beardslee would be because the courts need more time to make their decisions. For continuing information on Donald Beardslee, see the Campaign to End the Death Penalty.

Donald Beardslee: Preparing for death


CarrieJ said...

Indeed, Beardslee was responsible for two horrible murders. The crimes of the men and women of death row are constantly on my mind. I abhore violence of any kind. However, the goal of this blog is abolition. You won't find "both sides" here. I firmly believe that our government should not be executing anyone--no matter the crime. Beardslee's crimes were horrid. For that, he can never be excused. He can only be forgiven (and only by the victims' families and his god). Regardless, I find the government's murder of convicted murderers to be just as horrid.

Anonymous said...

If you're really serious about saving lives then how about heading over to your local abortion clinic and begin a protest there. It amazes me that people can be so calloused to the death of millions of innocents (which, include the victims of this man by the way) but so concerned with the fate of the guilty.

Anonymous said...
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CarrieJ said...

How do you know that I don't go to abortion clinics in protest? I don't believe I've ever commented about abortion or my opinions therein on this blog. Perhaps I have, but I don't recall so. This blog has one focus. The other issues I care about and my opinions on those issues are unrelated and seperate.

The innocent young women killed by Donald Beardslee lost their lives in a tragic horrific way. I do not condone those killings in any way and I am daily tormented by the thoughts of the crimes of those I serve through running this blog (see past posts). Nevertheless, innocent or guilty, I abhore the murder of any human being.