Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ernest WIllis

All I can say is "Hallelujah!" Ernest Willis was freed from Texas' death row today after serving there for 17 years. The charges against Willis were dropped yesterday. He is a free man. The district attorney has been quoted as saying that he does not even think a crime was committed and that even if there was that Willis wasn't guilty. There is strong evidence the fire involved was accidental.

Willis was freed today with a set of clothing a $100. He held his wife of four years for the first time. Willis says he is a better man for the time he spent on death row. Still, how do you repay a man for 17 years of his life? He left prison with one set of clothing/shoes and $100. $100 will barely buy someone a night in a hotel and a hot meal. I guess don't get me started...I don't have time.

Death-row inmate freed after 17 years

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